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Jeff Nations is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, songwriter, producer, and educator with over 25 years of experience in the music industry in a variety of roles. He currently serves as bassist/backing vocalist for Nashville country artist JB Crockett. Nations has also been part of major acts including Shaman’s Harvest (Mascot Records), Rookie Of The Year (Cardigan Records), and Science Hill (EliteROCK Records). Jeff has been spotlighted on television and in magazines, blogs, etc. and has had music featured on radio and TV, in film, and has shared the stage with renowned acts including Ben Kenney (Incubus, The Roots), Chris Kilmore (Incubus), Chevelle, mae., Gary LeVox (Rascal Flatts), Twin Forks (Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional), Bad Suns, Nothing More, Brett Scallions (Fuel), Josh Todd (Buckcherry), and many others.

In addition to his top-notch professionalism, strong work-ethic, knowledge of his instruments, and his ability to adapt to any musical situation, Jeff also has over two decades’ worth of experience on the business side of the music industry, having worked in management, booking, education, radio, tour management, PR, web design, and promotions. Nations has spent time on record labels, toured the U.S. coast-to-coast, and holds a degree in composition for film, television and video games from Berklee College Of Music. Jeff prides himself on being professional, flexible, and a quick learner, and is a beneficial addition to any musical setting. Jeff Nations is an ASCAP-affiliated musician and is available for live performances, touring, studio sessions, clinics, lessons, and scoring, worldwide.

Berklee College Of Music

Bachelor Of Professional Studies in Composition For Film, TV & Video Games (2018)

JB Crockett (Bass, Background Vocals. Mar. 2019-Present)
Boy For Everything (All Voices & Instruments. Aug. 2016-Present)
Various Hands (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Synths. Sept. 2010-March 2017)
Rookie Of The Year (Drums, Background Vocals. Jan. 2017-Feb. 2019. Cardigan Records)
Shaman’s Harvest (Drums, Background Vocals. Aug. 2015 – Oct. 2015. Mascot Records)
Sweaters (Drums. Apr. 2014-Sept. 2014)
Science Hill (Guitar, Lead Vocals. 2007-2010. EliteROCK Records)
All Over The Road (Drums, Percussion, Vocals. 2002-2010)
Essence Of Logic (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Percussion. 2001-2007)


Bass/backing vocals for JB Crockett - All Tour Dates 2022

Bass/backing vocals for JB Crockett – Spring/Summer Tour Dates 2021 – Mar. 8-Jul. 3, 2021

Bass/backing vocals for JB Crockett – Winter/Spring Tour Dates 2020 – Jan. 14-Mar. 14, 2020

Bass/backing vocals for JB Crockett – Hate Love Tour Dates 2019 – Aug. 1-Dec. 7, 2019
Bass/backing vocals for JB Crockett – Spring Tour Dates 2019 – Mar. 15-May 25, 2019
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – 2018 Tour w/ mae., LOYALS – Nov. 8-11, 2018
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – Sweet Attention 10 Year Anniversary Tour – Sept. 26-Oct. 12, 2018
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – Summer Tour 2018 – Aug. 17-26, 2018
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – A Different Light 10 Tour w/ Sherwood, Motherfolk – Oct. 18-25, 2017
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year & Kyle Lucas – The Sounds Of Summer Tour w/ Stages & Stereos, Ashland – Aug. 7-27, 2017
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – Back From The Dead Tour, Pt. II – Apr. 22-30, 2017
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – Heavy Thoughts Tour w/ For The Win, The New Low – Apr. 10-21, 2017
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – For The Runaways Tour w/ He Is We, Kenny Holland, Allred – Mar. 29-Apr. 1, 2017
Drums/backing vocals for Rookie Of The Year – Back From The Dead Tour, Pt. I – Mar. 19-28, 2017
Guitar/lead vocals for Various Hands – Goodnight Moon Tour w/ Rookie Of The Year – Aug. 3 & 4, 10-12, 2016
Drums/backing vocals for Shaman’s Harvest – Midwest Tour Dates – Sept. 2015
Guitar/lead vocals for Various Hands – Learn To Dance Tour – Jul. 18-24, 2015
Guitar/lead vocals for Various Hands – Hypoluxo Tour – Jul. 18-24, 2014
Drums for Sweaters – Unrest Tour – Apr. 8-12, 2014
Guitar/lead vocals for Various Hands – Blame It On The Night Tour – Feb. 6-11, 2012
Guitar/lead vocals for Science Hill – Midwest Mini Tour – Nov. 13-17, 2009
Guitar/lead vocals for Science Hill – Florida Blackout Tour – Sept. 18-22, 2009
Guitar/lead vocals for Science Hill – Tropical Nights & Romance Tour – Feb. 27-May 9, 2009

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