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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I've had a surprising number of folks reach out to me lately asking about some of the gear in my live arsenal. I figured it'd be convenient to roundup the gear and brands with which I'm endorsed and put them all in one spot so you can get your hands on some of the same stuff I regularly utilize.


Metal buttons installed on effects pedals that use flexi-switches. Barefoot Buttons provide a larger surface area on which to step and come in two different versions based on the type of flexi-switch. A"Tall Boy" version provides added button height for those hard-to-reach pedals at the back of your board.



Want to get a deeper, fatter, more vintage-sounding tone out of your snare drum? How about taming some overtones on your toms? Big Fat Snare Drum accomplishes both. Their lightweight, ultra-thin plastic overlays change drum tones in an instant. Their array of tambourine hoops and other accessories provide loads of tonal possibilities.



Cellular foam cymbal washers in place of standard felt washers help reduce harsh overtones. If you're a stickler for the visual aesthetics of your kit, like me, Cympads help my cymbals hang straight and look more uniform around the kit.



DrumDial is a tool that measures surface tension at each drum lug, allowing you to tune perfectly (and silently, if needed!) every time.



Earthquaker Devices is one of the most versatile effect makers on the market today. Find all your classic sounds along with some really wild, unorthodox sounds. I'm currently rocking the Afterneath reverb, Cloven Hoof fuzz, and The Warden compressor.



There's a reason Ernie Ball has been around forever. They're simply the best strings out there. I've been using the Paradigm model on all of my axes as of late.



Anytime I think of the perfect bass tone, I think of the StingRay. Throaty, growly, and crystal clear tone matched with comfort and feel make this my go-to bass. For those looking for something more nominally-priced, check out the Sterling by Music Man line.



Bob Heil is an audio pioneer and Heil Sound continues to be an innovator to this day. Their PR22 mic is by far the best vocal mic I have ever used.



JHS does everything with a a good bit of humor. Their videos and social accounts are wildly entertaining. Their pedals are renown in the industry and they have some of the most iconic distortions out there plus something is always being cooked up in their mod shop.



Wouldn't it be great to eliminate that short kick drum mic stand that always seems to be getting tripped over and obscuring that sweet graphic on your kick drum?? The Kelly Shu is an internal kick drum mic that mounts a mic on the inside of the kick. No drilling or shell modifications are required either!



Temple Audio Design is 100% my perfect pedalboard. Made of sturdy, lightweight, corrugated aluminum, Temple also utilizes patented "pedal plates" to mount pedals, making Velcro a thing of the past. Additional modules and accessories can be purchased to enhance your board and set you apart from other players!



It's tough to compete with Walrus Audio when it comes to effects. Every pedal is unique and sounds amazing and the artwork is icing on an already-delicious cake. I'm currently using the Julia chorus on guitar and the ARP-87 delay on bass.

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